Setup webhook for Stripe payment notification

January 25, 2023

In order for Stripe to notify your server of successful payment you have to add your webhook URL that you can copy in Latepoint -> Settings -> Payments -> Stripe into your Stripe dashboard. 2. Add an endpoint in your “Webhooks” page of Developers settings in Stripe: 3. Paste the url that you copied before […]

Error: Cannot read properties of null (reading: verifyBuyer)

January 15, 2023

If you have one of these issues – it means that either the page is cached incorrectly, disable and remove assets from being cached or minified, or your Square API credentials are invalid, make sure you enter correct values without spaces

Service categories not showing during booking process

January 4, 2023

Make sure you have toggled on the “Show Service Categories” box in Settings -> Steps.