Creating appointment reminders using process automation

March 25, 2023

Using our new powerful “Processes” feature and “Reminders” addon you can send reminders to your customers before or after booking started or ended. Create a new process with “Booking Started” or “Booking Ended” event and set “Execute actions with a time offset”, add “actions” that will be triggered when the process runs: Once you’ve created […]

How to install purchased addons?

March 21, 2023

Make sure your license is activated: You can navigate to your LatePoint dashboard in WordPress and install any addons that are linked to your LatePoint license from Add-ons page in LatePoint:

Data missing after update or your license key is not working

March 15, 2023

Don’t worry, your data is still there, it’s just that incompatible/outdated version of addons prevents it from being displayed. Solution is simple: That should solve your issue and your data should be visible again.