How to renew my support for a lifetime license?

October 10, 2023

If you have a lifetime license of LatePoint – it comes with 6 month of free support included, once it expires you can renew it from your account on Make sure you have your license key added to your account, then you will see an option to extend your support period:

Enable Google Meet for new appointments

October 3, 2023

Setting up RazorPay payment processor in LatePoint

September 13, 2023

1. Get API keys from your RazorPay account 2. Enter them in LatePoint Settings -> Payments -> RazorPay form 3. Copy webhook URL from LatePoint settings for Razorpay 4. Go to “Developers” section in your Razorpay account and create a new webhook. Enter a url that you copied form a previous step into the Webhook […]

How to transfer my LatePoint license from CodeCanyon?

September 7, 2023

Create an account on and add your CodeCanyon license by clicking “Add Your License” button:

How to add a link to terms of service checkbox custom field

August 12, 2023

You can use HTML code inside of the label of the field:

How to automatically add my LatePoint customers to a Mailchimp audience list

August 2, 2023

Make sure that the Mailchimp addon is activated Open Integrations -> Marketing and enable Mailchimp integration and enter your Mailchimp API key (where to find your API key?): Now we need to create a process that will automatically add your new customers to your Mailchimp audience list.

How to upgrade my basic Latepoint license to a Pro license?

June 24, 2023

You can upgrade your basic license to a Pro license by registering your license code to your Latepoint account and the clicking “Upgrade” button next to the license you want to upgrade.

Edit content of the left panel section

June 11, 2023

You can edit text that appears on the left side panel by going to your Latepoint -> Settings -> Steps page and editing content of this field:

How to deactivate my license from a website I no longer use.

May 18, 2023

You can deactivate your license from a website you no longer using LatePoint on, by registering your license key on and then clicking Deactivate button. Make sure you have deleted the plugin from your website before requesting a deactivation.

How to debug CRON jobs that send reminders

May 16, 2023

You can install Cron Jobs plugin to check if CRON jobs are setup correctly. Once installed, navigate to Tools -> Cron Jobs and make sure that latepoint_process_scheduled_jobs job exists, and is scheduled to run once every 5 minutes. If you are not seeing it there – deactivate and reactivate Latepoint Reminders addon, and make sure […]