You need to set a Twilio account ( and then enter Twilio account API credentials inside the latepoint settings for sms notifications, and it will be working right away.

You can find your Account SID and Auth Token on your Twilio project settings page:

Phone Number or your Company Name for a “from” field

Twilio allows you to either purchase a phone number from them or have a so-called Alphanumerical ID to be used for a “From” field when your customers receive SMS notifications from you.

Alphanumeric ID

You can use your company name as an alphanumeric ID if you country supports it (Check if your country is supported) . First you need to register it, you can read more here:

Once enabled you can enter it in place of a “Phone Number” field in LatePoint notification settings.

Phone Number

Phone number that will be used for sending messages has to be created first in your project console in Twilio: