This shortcode will output a list of bookable resources, it could be agents, services or locations. There are two ways of adding it to your page:


[latepoint_resources items="agents" columns="4"]
[latepoint_resources items="services" columns="4"]
[latepoint_resources items="locations" columns="3"]

Show specific items or groups

You can specify list of IDs of resources you want to show using item_ids attribute or group_ids if you are generating services or locations resources which have groups.

[latepoint_resources items="locations" item_ids="3,5"]
[latepoint_resources items="services" group_ids="2,4,6"]

Edit button caption text

[latepoint_resources items="locations" button_caption="Make an Appointment"]

Edit styling of the button

[latepoint_resources items="locations" button_bg_color="#111" button_text_color="#fff" button_font_size="18px" button_border_radius="10px"]

Set limit on how many items are displayed

[latepoint_resources items="locations" limit="4"]

Booking process settings

This shortcode accepts the same booking parameters as the booking button. You can specify which which agent, service or location is preselected, start date etc. For example if you want to preselect a specific agent for a list of generated services, you can do the following:

[latepoint_resources items="services" selected_agent="any"]

Full list of booking attributes:

Skip steps and control available data
Attribute Description Example
Pre-selecting step value
selected_location Skip location step by setting to location "ID" or to "any" to auto assign any available location. "1", "any"
selected_agent Skip agent step by setting to agent "ID" or to "any" to auto assign any available agent. "1", "any"
selected_service Skip service selection step by setting to service "ID". "1"
selected_duration Skip duration selection step by presetting duration in minutes. "60"
selected_total_attendees Preselect number of attendies to skip that step. "3"
selected_service_category Show services from specific category by setting category "ID". "1"
calendar_start_date Setting this attribute to a date forces the calendar to start on that date. You can also use dynamic values like "tomorrow", "+1 week", "+2 months" etc... and it will automatically show calendar 2 months or 1 week in the future, depending on what day is today "2024-07-25", "tomorrow", "+1 week", "+2 months"
selected_start_date This attribute should be set together with the selected_start_time attribute. Setting these two attributes to a specific date and time, will make date & time selection step to be skipped. "2024-07-25"
selected_start_time Preselect start time of the booking in minutes. For example "600" is 10:00am. Should be set together with selected_start_date attribute "600"
Data for steps
show_locations Show only select locations by setting their IDs "1,2,3"
show_agents Show only select locations by setting their IDs "1,2,3"
show_services Show only select services by setting their IDs "1,2,3"
show_service_categories Show only select service categories by setting their IDs "1,2,3"
source_id Track the source ID for your booking button or form. Source ID for each booking can be found on the booking edit form in admin. "ANY_VALUE"

Block Element

If you are using a WordPress theme that supports Block Elements, you can search for a list of resources element in a list of available Blocks.

Once you’ve inserted this block, its attributes can be edited using a settings panel for that block: