You can customize the way your button looks and it’s label by using shortcode attributes. Here is a list of available parameters:
  • caption – Text that is used for a button label, default is “Book Appointment”
  • bg_color – Background color of the button, default is blue – #1449ff
  • text_color – Text color, default is white – #ffffff
  • font_size – Font size for the button label
  • border – Border in css format, example value could be 1px solid #aaa
  • border_radius – Corner radius, you can set any valid css value, like 10px
  • margin – Margin around the button
  • padding – Padding for button content
  • css – Custom css code for a style attribute of the button.
Example usage:
[latepoint_book_button bg_color="#ffffff" text_color="#000000" caption="Book Massage"]