You can customize the way your button looks and it’s label by using shortcode attributes. This shortcode for example will change button background color to white and set it’s text color to black, as well as changing button caption to say Book Now:

[latepoint_book_button bg_color="#ffffff" text_color="#000000" caption="Book Now"]

Here is a list of all available attributes that you can use to customize your button:

Customize Button Appearance
Attribute Description Default Example
caption Text for the caption of the button "Book Appointment" "text"
bg_color Background color for the button "#2d54de" "#2d54de"
text_color Text color of the button "#ffffff" "#ffffff"
font_size Font size of the button "16px" "14px"
border Border of the button, accepts values like none "1px solid #000000"
border_radius Border radius of the button "0px" "10px"
margin CSS margin of the button "0px" "10px 20px"
padding CSS padding of the button "10px 20px" "10px 20px"
align Alignment of the button "left" "center", "left", "right", "justify"
css If style attributes are not enough, you can simply enter custom css into this attribute and it will be applied as an inline css to the button.
Note: if you want to use this attribute, you can NOT set other style attributes from the list above, otherwise this will be ignored.
padding: 10px 20px; border: none;