You can add booking form directly on your page instead of a button and a lightbox. There are two ways you can do that:


You can add [latepoint_book_form] shortcode to the place on your page where you want the form to be rendered. You can customize the form using shortcode attributes. Example of using attributes:

[latepoint_book_form selected_agent="1" hide_side_panel="yes"]

List of available attributes:

Customize Form Appearance
Attribute Description Default Example
hide_side_panel Setting to "yes" hides the left side panel of a booking form "no" "yes", "no"
hide_summary Setting to "yes" hides the summary panel "no" "yes", "no"
Skip steps and control available data
Attribute Description Example
Pre-selecting step value
selected_location Skip location step by setting to location "ID" or to "any" to auto assign any available location. "1", "any"
selected_agent Skip agent step by setting to agent "ID" or to "any" to auto assign any available agent. "1", "any"
selected_service Skip service selection step by setting to service "ID". "1"
selected_duration Skip duration selection step by presetting duration in minutes. "60"
selected_total_attendees Preselect number of attendies to skip that step. "3"
selected_service_category Show services from specific category by setting category "ID". "1"
calendar_start_date Setting this attribute to a date forces the calendar to start on that date. You can also use dynamic values like "tomorrow", "+1 week", "+2 months" etc... and it will automatically show calendar 2 months or 1 week in the future, depending on what day is today "2024-07-25", "tomorrow", "+1 week", "+2 months"
selected_start_date This attribute should be set together with the selected_start_time attribute. Setting these two attributes to a specific date and time, will make date & time selection step to be skipped. "2024-07-25"
selected_start_time Preselect start time of the booking in minutes. For example "600" is 10:00am. Should be set together with selected_start_date attribute "600"
Data for steps
show_locations Show only select locations by setting their IDs "1,2,3"
show_agents Show only select locations by setting their IDs "1,2,3"
show_services Show only select services by setting their IDs "1,2,3"
show_service_categories Show only select service categories by setting their IDs "1,2,3"
source_id Track the source ID for your booking button or form. Source ID for each booking can be found on the booking edit form in admin. "ANY_VALUE"

Block Element

If you are using new block based themes, then you can utilize the power or WordPress blocks to create LatePoint elements:

Once inserted, you can control it’s settings using the side panel of the block element: